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RB 724

OP=OP, voldoende? Handdoek in de ring?

RCC 17 februari 2011, Dossiernr: 2010/00875

Reclamerecht. Actie-aanbieding bij Kruidvat waarbij geldt voor Niveau for men-producten: "2+1 gratis+ voor Niveau for Men-handdoek" is aangekondigd. Nu blijkt dat 3,5 uur nadat de actie van start is gegaan geen handdoeken meer voorradig zijn. Hoewel op=op, en nalevering op 2e en 2e dag, rust op filiaalbedrijven (...) de  verplichting om zodanige maatregelen te treffen dat, indien geen specifieke uitzonderingen worden genoemd, een aanbieding in alle verkooppunten wordt nagekomen. Strijd met algemene aanbeveling sub h NRC, strijd met artikel 7 NRC; aanbeveling.

Op grond van de algemene aanbeveling sub h van de Nederlandse Reclame Code (NRC) rust op filiaalbedrijven, waartoe adverteerder gerekend moet worden, de  verplichting om zodanige maatregelen te treffen dat, indien geen specifieke uitzonderingen worden genoemd, een aanbieding in alle verkooppunten wordt nagekomen. Als erkend is komen vast te staan, dat op de eerste dag van de actie waarbij 2+1 gratis Nivea for men producten met een gratis kleedkamerhanddoek zijn aangeboden de handdoeken in veel Kruidvatfilialen, waaronder het filiaal in klagers woonplaats, niet voorradig waren.
Adverteerder heeft hiermee gehandeld in strijd met de eisen van de algemene aanbeveling sub h NRC. Hieruit volgt tevens dat in de gewraakte reclame-uiting geen duidelijk informatie is verstrekt over de beschikbaarheid van het aangeboden product als bedoeld in artikel 8.2 aanhef en onder b NRC. Gelet hierop acht de Commissie de uiting misleidend en daardoor oneerlijk in de zin van artikel 7 NRC.
Het beroep van adverteerder op overmacht bij de productieafdeling kan naar het oordeel van de Commissie, onder verwijzing naar (de toelichting op) genoemde algemene aanbeveling sub h NRC, niet worden aanvaard. Ook de vermelding dat het een op=op actie betreft neemt het misleidende karakter van de uiting niet weg, nu in het onderhavige geval het aangeboden actieproduct bij het ingaan van de actieperiode in het geheel niet aanwezig was.

De beslissing
De Commissie acht de reclame-uiting in strijd met artikel 7 van de Nederlandse Reclame Code. Zij beveelt adverteerder aan om niet meer op een dergelijke wijze reclame te maken.

Regeling: NRC (nieuw) art. 7; art. 8.2 onder b én Algemene Aanbeveling sub h. filiaalbedrijven
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plaatje: ©2010, TWBA/BEC

RB 721

UK ASA Adjudications 16.3.2011

Ook Advertising Standards Authorization, de RCC in Groot Britannië, heeft een bundel uitspraken gepubliceerd. Categoriën variëren van ontharingssysteem, Palestina-reisorganisatie, houtbriquetten, museum, muziekband genaamd "HOLYFUCK" en opmerkelijk veel rondom een advertentie van een begrafenisonderneming.

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Richard Steel Partners Ltd - a. A regional magazine ad for a funeral directors was headed "Richard Steel & Partners Independent Family Owned Funeral Directors". Text also stated "Four Generations Since 1860" and "Monumental Masons". The ad featured the SIFH (Selected Independent Funeral Homes) logo. b. A directory ad for the same company stated "1860 - 2010 FAMILY OWNED FUNERAL DIRECTORS 150 years of Personal Family Service". It also offered a "Monumental Masonry...

Roger Poat Partners - A regional magazine ad for a funeral director, stated "Professionally Managed Funeral Directors & Monumental Masonry Consultants". It also stated "Roger Poat & Partners is a family owned and professionally managed funeral service. It is in partnership with Michael Miller's of Petersfield".

Petfre (Gibraltar) Ltd - A TV ad for Betfred featured co-founder Fred Done. Mr Done said "I'll give you great odds and fantastic bonuses. Why? It's my fun and I love it. I'll even match your first bet up to £50. Watch my lips, a free bet up to £50, if you sign up today". On-screen text stated "Open online account, place £5 min bet, get free bet to same value, £50 max. T & C's apply, selected games. Free bet stake not included in returns".

Philips Electronics UK Ltd - A regional press ad for a hair removal system was headlined "And then there was light". Further text stated "Prevent hair growth with Philips Lumea. The new Phillips Lumea IPL hair removal system works wonders to prevent the reappearance of hair. Developed in conjunction with leading dermatologists specifically for safe, effective home use, the gentle pulses of light, applied every two to four weeks, keep your skin silky smooth" and "Guaranteed smooth skin results in 60 days, or your money...

Travel Palestine - A magazine ad for Travel Palestine stated "Palestine is a land rich in history with a tradition of hospitality. From the famous cities of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jericho, Nablus, and Gaza, the Palestinian people welcome you to this Holy Land ... Starting from the earliest religious pilgrims, the country has seen famous visitors come and go. Palestine lies between the Mediterranean Coast and the Jordan River ... It takes a visit to this wonderful country to appreciate the most palpable...

Wight Heat - A regional press ad, for wood briquettes, was headed "advertisement feture [sic]". Text stated "Wight Heat can supply you with briquettes to warm you and your home this winter. Not only are the briquettes reasonably priced and easy to use but Wight Heat's briquettes won't damage the environment either".

Scotts of Stow Ltd - Brochures distributed by direct mail promoted “The Original Gift Company”. The cover was designed in the style of a newspaper front page and referred to the recipient in the headline text and the article. The front page of one of the brochures was headed “MRS XXXX HELPS SAVE THE PLANET!”. Text below stated “Catalogue shopper, Mrs XXXX of [address] understands that buying from home is comfortable and convenient and can offer big savings on High Street prices. What is less well known however,...

Semmel Concerts Veranstaltungsservice GmbH - A TV ad for the "Tutankhamun - His Tomb and His Treasures" exhibition at the Museum of Museums, Manchester said, in a voice-over, "Escape on a voyage into the fascinating world of ancient Egypt. Tutankhamun - his tomb and his treasures is not just an exhibition, it's an adventure. Visitors become explorers, discovering and solving the mystery of the long lost world of ancient Egypt". On-screen text stated "THE SPECTACULAR RECONSTRUCTION OF THE PHARAOH’S TOMB AND TREASURES ... A MAJOR...

Nigel Chamberlain Partners Ltd - a. A leaflet for a funeral directors stated "Independent Funeral Directors & Monumental Masons". It contained the logo for Selected Independent Funeral Homes (SIFH). b. A directory ad for the company also stated "Independent Funeral Directors & Monumental Masons".

Corney Barrow Wine Bars Ltd - An e-mail, for a wine bar promotion, was headlined "CORNEY & BARROW Your promotions". Text below stated "Forget boring team meetings in the office. Book a Beaujolais breakfast with C&B on Thursday 18th November and enjoy a glass of Beaujolais Nouveau with a full English breakfast for £10. We guarantee your meeting minutes will be taken to a whole new level!". Bigger text in a blue box beneath stated "Now that's a red worth getting out of bed for" and was...

Keith Dobson - A mailshot for Keith Dobson, a betting tipster service, stated "The No 1 Money Making Racing Service In The U.K."; "Huge Profits Are Now Being Achieved"; "£5,000 EXTRA IN YOUR POCKET - EVERY MONTH - TAX FREE!"; "71% WINNING STRIKE RATE"; and "When I say GUARANTEED I mean just that! If you join me and don't for any reason make at least £5,000 per month you can write direct to my office and request YOUR MONEY BACK. Your money will then be sent to you by return and without quibble".

AH Cheater Ltd - A regional press ad, for a funeral director called A.H. Cheater, was headed "Independent family owned funeral directors". Text underneath the heading stated "Personal attention from Simon & Michael Peace, Nigel Mayor & Giles Sadd" and "Monumental masonry service". Text at the bottom of the ad stated "Over 100 years of service to the community".

Channel Four Television Corporation - A poster for a Channel Four comedy show featured the title "TRAMADOL NIGHTS" which was written in the style of the fabric craft toy, fuzzy felt. The poster also featured fuzzy felt style images of a badger firing a machine gun, two rabbits attacking each other with hypodermic needles and another who had been stabbed with knives. The ad also featured an animal holding a chainsaw and pools of blood.

Medway Council - A leaflet, produced by Medway Council, promoted "Historic Rochester and Maritime Chatham". It was distributed in a local tourist information office. The front page featured a logo which stated "City of Medway rich heritage great future".

Myofascial Release UK - A leaflet, promoting training courses in a soft tissue therapy, was titled "INTEGRATED MYOFASCIAL THERAPY" and featured pictures of practitioners treating patients. Text below the pictures stated "Post graduate training programmes in MYOFASCIAL RELEASE Develop a unique and dynamic whole-body approach to healthcare. Enhance diagnostic and therapeutic skills. Learn advanced, traditional and modern fascial techniques". A logo at the bottom was accompanied by text which...

Kilimanjaro Live Ltd  - An ad for music gigs, in the Guide section of the Guardian, was headlined with the name of the band "HOLYFUCK". The ad also featured a picture of the band, tour dates and booking information.

Luv ncare Ltd - Two magazine ads for Nuby drinking cups. a. The first ad featured a picture of two drinking cups and was headlined "FREE† Nuby Grip'n'Sip CUP. CHOOSE FROM PINK OR BLUE”. Text in three bubbles underneath the products stated “ UK's No 1 Best Selling Silicone Spout”, “THE WORLD’S No. 1 CUP BRAND”, and “BPA FREE”. Further text underneath stated “The perfect first cup designed for little hands and mouths. Over the last eight years Nuby™has established itself as the UK's No.1...